Sunday, June 23, 2024

BioClean Compared to Traditional Cleaners


Traditional cleaners are formulated with builders and surfactants designed to remove and hold oils/soils permanently.  Thus when the builders and surfactants have absorbed their capacity of oils/soils, their ability to remove more is greatly reduced.  This results in saw tooth up and down performance of traditional cleaners based on the amount of work that has been processed with the best cleaning from a newly made-up bath and the worst at the end of it’s life at which point it must be waste treated or hauled away.  In addition, these products typically operate at elevated pH levels (>pH 13.0) and at high temperatures (>160F) so are very dangerous for employees.


BioClean takes a much different and unique approach to cleaning technology.  BioClean developed a series of high performance surfactant systems that remove oils/soils by micro-emulsification rather than emulsification as in traditional products.  The builders used in BioClean products are also unique in that they aid the micro-emulsification and sequestration processes but are mild enough to allow the naturally occurring microbes in the environment to consume the oils/soils.  Thus BioClean products operate in a benign pH range of from 4.5 to 9.0.  Since the oils/soils are continuously removed by biodegradation the surfactants and builders are released in the solution fur re-use.  BioClean products help reduce water usage, eliminate waste treatment and operate under worker friendly conditions of low temperature and mild pH.  BioClean’s objective is to provide engineering and technology to its customers enabling them to become zero discharge cleaning and/or iron phosphating operations.

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